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Digital Marketing has become one of the best career options for students in Hyderabad and that’s why many students search for digital marketing course institute in Hyderabad. Students especially after graduation, any job seeker and business owners can go for digital marketing training in Hyderabad. Tech Grad is the top IT training institute located in Hyderabad and provides all type of IT and Internet marketing course. Digital marketing have an important role increasing any type of business as well as great career option with good earning. All type of online advertisement are included in this course to promote any business online.


Techgrad teaches 36 elaborated modules with real knowledge on the present marketing criteria and we also guide you to maintain your success.


We offer the Fastrack batch of 45 days duration and a regular batch of 60 days duration


Our estimable team of trainers is expertise in delivering quality training to get you +16 certifications from Google Adwords, Facebook, Linkedin, Hubspot, etc.


In class training, Online training, Corporate training


Our only school provides +6 live projects to every student for practicing. Each and every student will have the guidance to work on different projects.


Get premium tools of worth Rs:1.2 Lakh free which are recomended and used by industry experts


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Social media sites such as Google ads, Facebook makes only 20% of marketing efforts. Rest of 80% efforts are applied for the proper planning strategy, designing of commercials and its development.

We the only school who assist you throughout the planning and execution by making you expert in developing planning skills.

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Digital Marketing
Lead Generation
Email Marketing
Website Planning
Graphic Design
Content Marketing




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About us

Techgrad is a best place to explore your skills in digital marketing with high competitive Learning and understanding the modern marketing strategy and targeting the selected audience.

From starting of your digital marketing training to completion of your course we will make sure that you attain at the peak of success. We motivate you to conceptualize your abilities and become an expert in every digital marketing challenge you face in future.

Our excellent supportive staff will be 24/7 available for you to solve your issues and will guide you briefly throughout the course. We encourage you to work on as many live projects as possible. We do not just promise your success we assure that you maintain your progress. Our ex-students can visit us at any time if they find any new challenge in the digital marketing field.

Our school is the only one who promises to deliver the quality training, professionals are what we turn our students into, ensuring your job, and we build up the trust to our upcoming students.

TechGrad school has expert trainers with +17 years of experience, and they will teach you in a much convincing and enthusiastic way with loads of energy, dedication, passion, and commitment towards your success

Only by switching suppliers, you might be able to save up to 40% on your business electricity bills. But, the challenge is to recognize the need and also choose the best available option for your business.

Our schools offer a wide range of opportunities across the globe. By choosing our school, you will be able to attain career growth, professionalism, and huge earnings.





How will you EARN after
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Earnings as an employee

Package: 3L-5L

There is a high demand for digital marketers in everywhere across the industries as they hire digital marketers for different positions. The packages start from 25k to 70k per month. All Industries employ digital marketers depending upon there specialization and needs. Such as Digital marketing manager, Social media marketing expert, Search engine optimizer, Inbound marketing manager, Analyst, Content developer, etc.

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On the occasion of TechGrad's 3rd Anniversary, we are offering 40% OFF on the Digital Marketing Course, contact us to know about the prices details and other pieces of information.

To become an expert in digital marketing one must spend 13-14 hrs of time engaging on the course every week which is almost possible either for student or working employees for the duration of course up to 3 months. Overall we will be teaching you 20% theory and 80% of practical knowledge where you need to get excel with the help of our trainers. Our overall modules are time fixed and separated into small segments that are very understanding. The remaining hours you need to work on live projects live instructing demo sessions and offline meetups.

Our TechGrad school has different programs, and we have trained some growing individuals from across cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Gurgaon, Delhi, Hyderabad and many. The mode of teaching is through online.

Our criteria of work do not only involve in thorough studies, but we intensely focus on digital marketing channels such as.

Planning and strategizing the digital marketing and communication campaigns Developing brands that all your consumers can connect in this digital world. Identifying and planning the usage of related digital channels.

Budget calculations and allocating the financial and human resources across all channels.

We are aware of the fact that everyone wants to settle in life as soon as possible they complete their studies. Keeping these issues in mind we have decided that our students should get placed in a decent place . We are tied with many MNC’s and our TechGrad portal will be updating you regarding all the present interviews going on in those companies. We will assist you for the meeting with 100% confidence level. Through our job supporting programme we will make sure that all our trainees get a strong knowledge of all the demanding skills and with better practice and theory lessons. Then there is no chance of getting rejected any of the digital marketing fields. But one can get a job on their records such as, communication skills, records of jobs, technical skills, your specialization field, punctuality, etc are some of the factors which should be excelled by the trainee to get a job. By our side, we will be updating you on job requirements in different companies with 100% assurance. We make sure that our students should get placed in a decent job with a good earning package.

Well, it depends on your performance and your skills it may take seven days to a couple of weeks to get a job. We take the surety to place you in , and it mostly depends upon your specialization and communication skills level. Even though you have possibilities to join as a fresher you can work as an internee at our school for a couple of months to get expertise in every field of digital marketing.


Digital Marketing course teaches the technique of marketing on the digital platforms, by means of latest technologies. It involves making use of digital platforms like Google, Facebook, YouTube, even mobile phones and other electronic mediums. TechGrad academy’s Digital Marketing course include learning the method or strategies which focuses on promoting a brand, product, application, business or any other service. The ultimate objective is to get customers and make sales. TechGrad along with the digital marketing training also assists in marketing a business. At the institution, we also help with training individuals for job interviews and competition in the corporate world. TechGrad is the only digital marketing course in Hyderabad with placement assistance and training. The training is well divided with masters and advanced digital marketing course available both online and offline.

The certification received at the end of the course carries significant importance in getting jobs as TechGrad +16 industry-recognized certifications. The class is certified google digital marketing course. The certification partners include industries like Google, Facebook, HubSpot, Twitter, Microsoft, SEMrush and other digital marketing course certification. TechGrad is the most advanced digital marketing training institute in Hyderabad.

Digital Marketing training does not require you to be a technological genius. Any person who has excitement and zeal to run a website. can enroll in digital marketing course. TechGrad Academy is the best digital marketing institute in Hyderabad that imparts training not only about the digital marketing course but also focuses on overall personality development. TechGrad also assists individuals in discovering a suitable and satisfactory job, making our academy a secure institution providing digital marketing course in Hyderabad with placement assistance.

TechGrad Academy is a digital marketing training institute in Hyderabad which provides digital marketing course and involves in giving complete training. The digital marketing training course is divided into different modules. These modules include SEO training course, SMM, SEM, website planning, Email Marketing and further different modules covered in a digital marketing course.


This section provides a complete overview of the modules that are included under the Digital marketing course. At TechGrad, we provide a package of total 37 modules, meaning we are the only institution offering the highest number of modules for a digital marketing course. Each course is well planned and designed keeping in mind, the ever-changing trends. We have tailored the most innovative digital marketing course training in Hyderabad.

Traditional and Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing is the promotion, advertisements that we see on TV, newspaper, Radio, Billboards, Hoardings, etc. Digital marketing is the modern and growing method of advertising. Our advanced and masters digital marketing course covers all the relevant topics included in the Google digital marketing course. With the increase in interest of companies and businesses wanting to compete and grab customers through online market, people showing interest in enrolling themselves in digital marketing training course has also increased.

Trainers at TechGrad’s digital marketing training institute imparts a complete insight about Traditional and digital marketing in a digital marketing course, the difference between the two, which one is better and how to google digital marketing course in Hyderabad has been in high demand.

Numerous times small businesses struggle to target their audience and also design a suitable plan of action. A myth about digital marketing course is that it might be costly and requires a higher budget. TechGrad will provide the training with minimum Digital marketing course fees in Hyderabad. People can train themselves with minimum digital marketing course fees and also start online promotion with little investment. TechGrad offers certified and best google digital marketing course in Hyderabad.

SEO is the part of digital marketing and best option to promote any business online organically to get organic traffic. Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting visibility for any websites or brand in various search engines to make them popular.

Organic It means getting traffic based solely on the content and relevance of your website, which is imparted in the SEO training in Hyderabad. A digital marketing training module. It also depends upon the popularity gained through social media, HTML codes while keeping in mind the search engine spam and penalties. This is done not only for a website but also for videos, products, advertisement, etc. It is free of cost as we do not have to pay for any ad purchases or pay for promotion. It might get difficult to get an audience as you have to be incredibly creative and unique to attract audience’s interest. TechGrad has dedicated sufficient hours for SEO classes under the digital marketing training course in Organic search engine optimization, making it the best SEO training in Hyderabad.

Paid As the name suggests, underpaid promotion, a person will pay the certain dividend to the search engines to rank their website, video or any advertisement on the top rankings. Depending upon the position, a site is wanting to acquire, the sum that has to be paid will also differ. The PPC (Pay per Click) that is the sum of money that has to be paid for every click will also change. Simply, each time a person clicks on the website link a certain amount is charged. Our academy focuses on both types of SEO training while teaching how to make use of the tools available for digital marketing providing the best SEO training in Hyderabad. A fact is that Organic SEO earns comparatively better results than paid SEO.


Specific tools that are required for SEO are included in the SEO training course. These tools help in tracking the success of a website, ranking, keyword density and also helps in analyzing the next suitable step for business in promoting their content. The tools are available for free as well as on payment.

Free Tools These tools are available online for free. You can download the tools and check the performance of a website development. At TechGrad, we will provide the best SEO training tools and also train individuals in making the best use of these tools. Small business websites can quickly gain the advantage of such free tools as they do not wish to invest a lot in acquiring the paid tools. These tools work exceptionally well and also provide complete analytics of a given website. The five best SEO training tools that are available online for free are as follows.

Google PageSpeed Insights-:

1. Just by entering the URL, it will calculate everything.

2. It calculates the loading time, performance and errors.

3. Suggests further actions for improvement.

4. This tool has the history of providing the best results.


1. Works as a keyword generator

2. Type a keyword in the search bar; the tool automatically suggests a list of best relevant keywords.

3. These keywords are arranged alphabetically.

4. Extremely useful for websites trying to attract traffic based on the keywords.

Google Analytics-:

1. Another tool created by Google can be helpful in gaining a complete overview of the performance of a website.

2. It provides an entirely detailed statistic report and searches insights. Helpful for SEO training course

3. It also provides a report about the keywords and that which keyword was used numerous times to reach the website.

4. Further, it suggests the appropriate time for posting other contents

Moz Local Listing Score-:

1. Helps in understanding the business online and how it looks

2. Collects data from around 15 sources like Google, Facebook, and other such sites

3. Advantageous for websites trying to rank.

4. Suggests further actions helping in fixing the problems.

QuickSprout Website Analyzer-

1. Does a complete analysis and gives statistics on the website.

2. SEO statistics and traffic

3. Time is taken by the website to load.

4. The unique part about this tool is that it even gives a comparative overview of the competitors.

Other free SEO tools that are available online are Structured Data Testing Tool, Google Webmaster Tools + Bing Webmaster Tools, Open Site Explorer, Google trends and Schema Creator. These tools also focus on competitor’s data to give a comprehensive data about the significant keywords and also which website ranks the highest. The fact that these tools are available free of cost makes it easier for websites to track and understand the flow of traffic on the sites. These tools are relatively simple to use and to understand. TechGrad Academy provides the best SEO training course (search engine optimization) that has a detailed and in-depth training about the techniques to rank in the top list and also train people on how to use these free tools to its full advantage. The tools are provided by the academy itself.

Paid Tools- These SEO training tools offer premium services that can be attained by purchasing the full version of these tools in digital marketing training. It might give access for a free trial, but the free versions do not provide access to all the benefits used in the SEO training course. These tools are required for SEO training course and at TechGrad, we also teach how to use these paid tools at the SEO classes. SEO course carries an essential part in the digital marketing course. Different tools will have different prices at which the complete version of the tool will be available. Depending upon the requirement of a company, business, and the website analytics that are required, people might opt for either the free or the paid versions of the tools. The five best SEO training course tools that needs a pay are as follows.

Majestic SEO

1. This tool acts as a site explorer.

2. There are three different plans available. Silver, Gold, Platinum plans. The programs are set carefully according to a company’s requirement.

3. Keywords, Anchor text, Backlink history, and other features and functions are fulfilled

4. Also provides access to Webmaster tools that can be linked. This tool is used in SEO classes too.


One of the best SEO training tools, it is a technical tool

A site auditing tool

Detailed overview about the speed, time taken for loading a website.

HTML errors, click depth are also included. This is an important aspect in the digital marketing course.


1. A well- known tool for SEO. Offers a number of functions.

2. Helps in analyzing and also tracing the ranks on the search engines.

3. Statistics regarding social media followers, compare the backlinks, keyword analysis are some of the many works that can be done using the tool.

4. It also checks for any possible errors.

Raven Tools

Collects data from other sources like Majestic SEO, SEOmoz PRO, Google Analytics, Webmaster tools to help with a perfectly detailed analysis.

2. It has +30 tools to provide best services and functions. It can perform almost every task.

3. SEO research, campaign planning, social media marketing update, content on the site and analyzing the competitor’s data

4. After all these benefits, the price is practically inexpensive. Such tools are generally used in the digital marketing course training.


1. Collects data from Google and Bing, giving a perfect analysis of the website performance.

2. Gives an insight into the competitor’s keyword ranking by taking into account around 95 million keywords.

3. Covers the significant aspects of the SEO training course, SEO marketing.

4. Allows tracking of the traffic and also which keywords work the best.

The other paid tools are Advanced Web Ranking, WordTracker, BuzzStream SEO PowerSuite and Whitespark. There are literally thousands of tools out there, or maybe even more than that. These tools constantly come up with updates and advancement in the services that are provided to give the most accurate and precise analyzed data. The tools are the backbone of any SEO planning and website analysis. For Understanding and analyzing a website’s performance, it is done through these tools. With growth in the number of tools that are available, it has become easier to get accurate data. TechGrad Academy will train you to use these tools in the SEO training course. Our academy provides the best SEO training in Hyderabad. The special module is included in the entire digital marketing course.


The academy provides the best SEO training in Hyderabad. It covers SEO training course in its entirety. Introduction to SEO course, HTML, URL, tools, keyword, competitors market, traffic, understanding the traffic and how to manage the traffic. Content designing and all other areas under SEO training course. Included in the digital marketing course. This is just an overview and the actual digital marketing training goes even more in-depth with the digital marketing course.

SEM is opposite to SEO and used to get paid traffic. Search Engine Marketing is the technique or process to promote any website or brand online by investing money. PPC ( Pay Per Click) is the best example of SEM.

At TechGrad Academy the second important module covered is SEM (search engine marketing) in the digital marketing course. SEM is the method of advertising through online marketing. It is a direct method of digital marketing as it social media allows you to connect with the customers directly. It is done by trying to increase the visibility of a particular website on the search pages. These search pages are called SERPs (Search engine result pages). It is done largely through paid advertising. One important phenomenon that comes under search engine marketing (SEM) is called ‘pay per click’ (PPC). In simple words, it involves the payment a company might make to the search engines like Google to show their advertisement in the search result pages. There is a general difference between SEO course and SEM course. At the academy, we are going to teach you about-:


In this module on the digital marketing course at TechGrad digital marketing training institute in Hyderabad, you will be trained regarding the following.

1. Keywords- understanding, research, targeting, usage of keywords depending on the requirements of the ad, ranking

2. Ad campaign- planning, running a campaign, success and how to modify a campaign.

3. PPC (Pay per Click)- payment, price depending on the positioning of the ad, the difference between mobile and desktop click

4. Conversion- The process from a click to the final purchase.

5. SEO and SEM- what is the significant difference between Search engine optimization and Search engine marketing.

6. Competitor’s market- understanding, strategizing and competing.

7. Tools- understanding, use of the tools and maximizing the usage of these tools, tracking and measuring.

The specialized SEM training in the digital marketing course at TechGrad Academy benefits individuals with the in-depth regarding SEM. We also provide the best SEM training tools. This is just an overview and the actual digital marketing training goes even more in-depth with the digital marketing course.

SMO or Social Media Optimization is one of the best part of digital marketing course. In this technique we work on various social platforms like facebook, twitter, pinterest, Instagram and many more. Using SMO we can create new friends, can post new content and can share others content, we can also comment and other activities to increase the real time engagements.

SMM or Social Media Marketing involves paid advertisement on various social platforms. For example facebook ads. In this part you can learn how to post ads on facebook, twitter and other social sites by making them payment.

SMM is marketing through social networking sites. Marketing, through taking advantage of sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and other social networking sites that are available. Our academy helps in setting and handling the pages on the sites. TechGrad academy has a special module dedicated to the SMM training in the digital marketing course. Social media marketing has seen a rapid growth rate with the increase in the total number of people that join these sites every day. This type of marketing is done majorly through unique and creative content and by timely posting new content on these pages. A lot of businesses are promoted on these sites and sales are done. The content on these sites become recognized through sharing the posts. Social media marketing SMM, functions upon the principle of SMO (social media optimization). It simply means building an image for the business or the company on these social networking sites. SMO (social media marketing) plays one of the similar roles like SEO (search engine optimization) and that is to attract traffic, build an image for the business with the ultimate goal being to make considerable sales. TechGrad academy has a perfect package of digital marketing course in Hyderabad with placement assistance.


In this module on the digital marketing course at TechGrad digital marketing training institute in Hyderabad, you will be trained regarding the following.

1. Introduction to social media marketing in the digital marketing course.

2. Well planned and modified course based on the changing trends and facts regarding the networking sites.

3. Proper training sessions dedicated to understanding Facebook marketing strategy in the digital marketing course.

4. Specialized training with regards to digital marketing on Facebook, the creation of the Facebook page and the working of its algorithm.

5. How to understand Facebook insights showing reach, likes, shares, interactions, video duration watched.

6. What are impressions and engagements and why is it the most important thing for Facebook and the tools used.

7. Twitter and the best way to do marketing on Twitter. Tools to measure twitter statistics.

8. YouTube video ads, what is clickbait, how to increase traffic for your videos

9. Further training on how to use other available social networking sites and how to gain maximum traffic.

At TechGrad, you can get the complete knowledge under a minimum digital marketing course fees. The digital marketing training institute in Hyderabad which has focused best SMM, SEM, SEO classes under the digital marketing course.

The placement opportunities for a content writer or a page manager under social media marketing is high. There are over +10,000 job openings on LinkedIn itself. The high number of social networking sites with thousands of job openings for freshers as well as experienced individuals. This is just an overview and the actual digital marketing training goes even more in-depth with the digital marketing course.

At TechGrad academy, the focus will be on the scope of email marketing in digital marketing course and how it is one of the most personal ways of doing online marketing. Email marketing is done by sending emails to the prospective customers and also to update and continuously keep in touch with the existing customers. Through email marketing, email can be sent to numerous people at the same time. It helps in targeting a particular group. There are many tools available online for email marketing which will help you to send regular emails. These are automated emails. TechGrad academy has a perfect package of digital marketing course in Hyderabad with placement assistance.


1. MailChimp

2. ConvertKit

3. GetResponse

4. ActiveCampaign

5. SendGrid

These are a list of tools that will be easy to use and also allows making a list of the target audience. These are the digital marketing course tools which will be used and taught to use in the academy.


In this module on the digital marketing course at a TechGrad digital marketing training institute in Hyderabad you will be trained regarding the following.

1. Special training for Email Marketing and automation in the digital marketing course.

2. How to create unique and good email content.

3. How to create automated mails

4. Learning how to ensure Delivering of the mail.

5. How to create a mail which ensures the highest opening rate.

6. How to avoid landing the mail in the spam section by avoiding the use of the spam words.

7. How to use the email marketing tools to design and create an email.

Under the digital marketing course at TechGrad, email marketing training will be one of the major modules. By involving practical sessions where the training will be done by working on actual projects and case studies, the digital marketing course training will be complete. This is just an overview and the actual digital marketing training goes even more in-depth with the digital marketing course.

It is the form of online marketing which makes use of the pictures, video, audio, logos, to attract the attention of the audience. TechGrad academy’s digital marketing course includes training on display marketing and understanding how to track the interests of the spectators. The placement of the ads and which ad will be most useful for your prospective customers is also done by following a unique way of researching and analyzing. The online advertisers will use the search cookies and make an understanding of the sites a user likes to visit the most. TechGrad academy has a perfect package of digital marketing course in Hyderabad with placement assistance.


1. Remarketing

2. Website Placement

3. Targeting audience by interest

4. Contextual advertising

5. Targeting through topic


In this module on the digital marketing course at the TechGrad digital marketing training institute in Hyderabad, you will be trained regarding the following.

1.Display advertising campaign

2. Learn the various aspects under display advertising

3. Reaching the target audience through digital marketing course.

4. How to design ads and different types of display ad available in digital marketing course.

5. How to use the online display marketing tools.

6. How displays are sold. These aspects are taught in the digital marketing training course.

This is just an overview and the actual digital marketing training goes even more in-depth with the digital marketing course.






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